Beginning Guitar Lessons
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Student Learning Outcomes: 

This process is a combination of detailed explanation, micro managing the geometry and gymnastics of hand movements and imitation. It allows the budding musician to gain prowess in a very short time. This method can be applied to all genres of music. 

The class is performance oriented. The song is always used as a teaching tool. Chords or scales are taught as components rather than in isolation. 

1) The student learns the chords that harmonize the melody 
2) a strum pattern to create rhythm 
3) how syllables in the lyrics are aligned with individual strums in the pattern 

Curriculum Considerations: 

1) When learning a musical instrument a child experiences the unique integration of body and mind that music provides. Sensory integration is a crucial factor in children's learning readiness for school subjects such as reading, writing, and math. Music improves spatial-temporal reasoning.
2) This class is for anyone looking to acquire or improve guitar technique and musical knowledge.
3) Although no formal assessment process or sections exist students will learn progressively more complex pieces as dexterity and hand strength improve. 

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