Beginning Guitar Lessons
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Once a basic strumming technique has been established I like to teach Country Blues. Country Blues is also known as Acoustic Blues.

The thing I love about the Blues is that so very many of the songs have similar structures (chord progressions). There is the basic 12 bar blues chord sequence (and it's variations), Circle of Fifths and Traditional Folk Melodies

In a sense you are learning the same dozen or so songs hundreds of different ways which in turn teaches you how to improvise on your instrument.  Individual Blues Licks can be cut and pasted into other songs. 

The Piedmont Blues is a method on the guitar in which a steady, alternating-thumb bass pattern supports a melody played on treble strings with the index and middle fingers. The result is comparable in sound to ragtime piano. Upon hearing this music for the first time the listener often confuses one guitarist for two!

Songs of Piedmont style guitarists Blind Blake, Blind Boy Fuller and Mississippi Jon Hurt are taught to help beginning students of finger picking country blues guitar improve their playing skills.

I am a mobile guitar teacher: I travel to your home. In an ongoing effort to meet the Music education needs of the Greater Sacramento public I am now offering 

Half Hour In-home Lessons available .

I have taught Music in public and private school and have a comprehensive background in Music Theory. References are happily provided. Call ( or send your phone #) for more details and current openings. Regards J 916-600-8131 

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